Electronic capacitive decade DB4 - BASIC LITE version

range:100pF – 100µF
max voltage:50 V
max. frequency:100MHz
external input:Yes
interface:USB 2.0
software:DBOS Control
dimensions:110 x 60 x 26 mm
accessories:test leads
 USB cable

Product description

Electronic capacitive decade with a wide range of values ​​ controlled environment of a computer using DBOS Control. Indicates a large number of parameters set capacity, including local temperatures. Intelligent control functions including Smart Keyboard allows you to quickly and easily change the capacitance values​​. For automated measurements decade is equipped with a fully configurable automatic mode that can drive the external input. Autonomous protection system uses several internal sensors and using predictive algorithm overload allows you to disconnect a decade in the case of user error.

Electronic capacitive decade is built on a platform Device Form with its own operating system DBOS , which allows you to configure properties of the device. With operating hours counter system DBOS is possible claim extended 4-year warranty . Small size, light weight and compact design predispose device for mobile use. Accessories include a USB cable and test leads.


Software downloads

thermal protection

Automatic temperature protection switches in case of possible damage electronic decade. (More)

Up to 4 year warranty

On the decade up to 1000 hours of operation by the special extended warranty. (More)

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