Electronic capacitive decade - PW PRO FULL version

range:10nF – 10mF
max voltage:50 V
max. frequency:1MHz
external input:Yes
interface:USB 2.0
software:DBOS Control
dimensions:110 x 60 x 26 mm
accessories:AC adapter
 USB cable
 test leads

Product description

Fully elektronizovaná capacitive decade with a large capacitance values ​​. Indicates a large number of parameters set capacity, including local temperatures. Intelligent control including Smart Keyboard allows you to quickly and easily change the capacitance values​​. For automated measurements is equipped decade fully configurable automatic mode that can drive the external input. DBOS Control Program allows full control directly from their PCs via USB. autonomous system protection uses several internal sensors and using predictive algorithm overload allows you to disconnect a decade in the case of user error.

Electronic capacitive decade is built on a platform Device Form with its own operating system DBOS , which allows you to configure properties of the device. With operating hours counter system DBOS can claim extended 4-year warranty . Small size, light weight and compact design predispose device for mobile use. Accessories include power adapter, USB cable and test leads.


Software downloads

Up to 4 year warranty

On the decade up to 1000 hours of operation by the special extended warranty. (More)

thermal protection

Automatic temperature protection switches in case of possible damage electronic decade. (More)

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