Remote Device Management Platform Board

Download: DBOS Control installer a USB Driver

Brief description:

DBOS Control is a universal operating environment designed for the platform Device Board. The main part of the program consists of a connected device virtualization. DBOS control to remotely communicate with any device that has a DBOS embedded operating system version 3.00 and higher (DB3 and DB4) without Regardless of the particular specification of the user module (plugboard, viz. Specification DB platform).

DBOS Control Screenshot 1 DBOS Control Screenshot 2
Obr. 1 Hardware devices menuObr. 2 attached plugboard

Main features:

  • Support all devices with DBOS 3.00 and higher
  • Virtualization devices built on the dbx
  • The default setting for the device DBMx (Device Board Mini)
  • Independent of the specific device specification (plugboard)

Virtualization device:

The basic requirement for general virtualization device DBx is a fast communication channel between display and keyboard real virtual machines and their clones in the environment DBOS Control. The display unit is completely cloned. The keyboard is due to differences in the method of direct capacitive control buttons real device and controlled by the mouse buttons in a computer environment virtuáně doubled. Each button in the Control DBOS is formed of a button for short and long press, This maintains the same ease of operation as a real device.

DBOS Control Screenshot 3 DBOS Control Screenshot 4
Obr. 3 display settingsObr. 4 Info on the keys

Default function:

DBOS Control group contains the factory functions that access the system kernel DBOS and configures mass-produced devices built on the platform of DBX files. Access to this section have a partner platform. Access is bound to a specific device ID. Change ID is made possible only by the program DBOS Master Key, which is the protection of property manufacturers.

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